Wastewater System Plan

Wastewater System PlanThe 2013 Wastewater System Plan is the culmination of months of policy review, a technical evaluation of the wastewater system, followed by development of plan recommendations that will guide future management and operation of the wastewater utility system.

The City Council adopted the 2013 Wastewater System Plan via Resolution 8771 in July 2014. The King County Council adopted the plan via Ordinance 17968 in February 2015. The plan was approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology in May 2015.

A SEPA Determination of Non-Significance (permit #13-131390-LM) was issued for the plan in February 2014. Comments from the public, the Environmental Services Commission, the Department of Ecology and adjacent utilities have been incorporated into the plan.

Please contact Doug Lane with any questions concerning the plan.

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