Water, Sewer, and Storm and Surface Water Rates


Charges are based on the size of your meter and amount of water you use. Water use is billed in units of 100 cubic feet (1ccf). 100 cubic feet of water equals 748 gallons.


Charges for single family homes include a wastewater treatment charge from King County Metro and volume charges based on average water use between December 15 and June 15. Multifamily has a per unit rate with additional charges based on water use over the minimum amount. Wastewater charges for businesses are based on a charge from King County Metro and a volume charge determined by your water use.

Storm and Surface Water

(flood prevention/care of streams and lakes) service charges are based on the area of your property and the percentage of impervious surface (roofs, driveways, decks, etc.)

For questions about rates, please call the Utilities Department (contact information in the right column of this page). Get involved with rate setting and the city's budget by attending Environmental Services Commission meetings the third Thursday each month at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, room 1E-113. (Environmental Services Commission)

2017 Utility Rates

2016 Utility Rates

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Fireflow Capacity Charges

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