Estimated/Final Bill Requests from Escrow

Please complete the utilities request form below, and once completed, select the submit button to have the form emailed to the City of Bellevue.  Please complete the form online, hand written requests could cause a delay in processing.  It’s important to include information in all required fields in order to have your request processed.  If you have issues with the fillable form, please contact customer service at 425-452-6973 or

The City of Bellevue will provide to you, by email, an estimated final bill within three business days. Requests for estimates can be made up to 40 days prior to closing.  For final bill request, use the same form and include the closing date.  Please note, if closing has been delayed notify the City of Bellevue 48 hours prior to the original close date.  Failure to notify will lead to additional fees being added to the properties account.

Estimated and/or Final Utilities Bill Request Form

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