Streams, Lakes and Wetlands

Woman conducting fish count in stream.Streams, lakes and wetlands are critical areas protected from development, and constitute a natural part of Bellevue's drainage system.

  • Bellevue has more than 80 miles of streams.
  • Streams provide a natural setting and feeding areas for chinook, coho, sockeye, steelhead, cutthroat trout, waterfowl and other wildlife.
  • In Bellevue it's illegal to remove plants from or disturb stream corridors. Please call Development Services at 425-452-4188 for more information.
  • In addition to bordering Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, Bellevue has three small lakes – Phantom Lake, Larsen Lake and Lake Bellevue.
  • Bellevue has more than 800 acres of wetlands.
  • Wetlands slow down stormwater runoff, which prevents flooding and erosion, and serve as a rich habitat for fish and wildlife.
  • If you see signs of pollutant spills near a storm drain or water body, please call Utilities at 425-452-7840.

Some common water quality concerns are iron-oxide deposits and blue-green algae.

To volunteer to help our waterways, see Stream Team. To volunteer to mark storm drains with a pollution prevention message, call Utilities at 425-452-6166. By appointment only.

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