Kelsey Creek Camera

The Kelsey Creek Camera is your window to the stream and its surrounding habitat near the Wilburton Trestle. Streams are highways for local fish and wildlife. We commonly see great blue heron, crows, ducks, and other local birds. If you are lucky, you might see a deer, raccoon, or beaver. If you are really lucky, you might spot a salmon, peamouth minnow, or a great blue heron eating peamouth minnow. You might also see people as there are viewing platforms at the upstream end of the view and occasional scientists looking for salmon or doing other research in the area.

Email Stream Team if you see something really cool! Note the day and time so we can review video. The view changes dramatically with the position of the sun and the weather. Our view is outlined in green leaves in the spring and summer. The fall and winter offer a wider view once the leaves fall of the deciduous trees and shrubs. Our night vision is very limited but you might detect movement at dawn and dusk. Staff will occasional reposition the camera to zoom in on something interesting or take a look downstream.

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